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Ritz-Carlton takes luxury lodging to new depths


The maiden Ritz-Carlton fleet of superyachts will each offer 149 suites. Image credit: Marriott International

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The Ritz-Carlton is eyeing a new location, but it will not be housed in a lanky brick-and-mortar skyscraper. It won't even be on land.

The Marriott International subsidiary will be launching in 2019 the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, its maiden fleet of bespoke luxury superyachts. Reservations will begin in May 2018, with shipbuilding works set to commence at the Barreras Shipyard in Vigo, Spain.

“The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will have a distinctive personality and the vessels are sure to be true stand outs in some of the most glamorous ports around the world,” Ritz-Carlton president and COO Herve Humler said in a statement. 

Measuring 190 metres in length, the Ritz-Carlton’s superyacht will be a "unique combination of yachting and cruising" and, as such, be able to berth at destinations usually inaccessible to large cruise ships. Tentative ports of call will span various points along the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, and New England, with at least one vessel navigating Asia-Pacific destinations. 

A typical trip will last between seven and 10 days, covering overnight and daytime ports of call.

A superyacht will offer 149 suites, each with private balconies. Cruise-ship designer Tillberg Design of Sweden will design two 138-square-metre duplex penthouse suites.

“We will also offer several innovative duplex suites,” Douglas Prothero, managing director of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection tells SuperyachtNews. “Like superyachts, our vessels will have a [beach-club] platform that will offer direct access to the water.”

Gastronomic amenities include a concept restaurant designed by Sven Elverfeld of Aqua at The Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg, Germany. A wine bar will host live entertainment.

The superyacht will have a capacity of 298 passengers, with options for private charters and even complete buyouts. “In fact, the yachts have been designed with an innovative wall system in place so that room layouts can be modified to suit the purpose of each voyage,” Prothero said. “We also believe this will be an exciting new option for those who are between yachts or who have left private ownership.”

A venture between Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Oaktree Capital, the yacht collection seems like a logical diversification move for the hotel group. “In the past year alone, 405,000 Ritz-Carlton guests told us that they had taken a cruise, which provides a huge opportunity within the current clientele,” Prothero said.

Property Report
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