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Chinese dominating real estate in Sihanoukville


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The positive relationship between China and Cambodia continues to strengthen, which is resulting in increased opportunities for Chinese investment into the kingdom’s real estate market.

Cambodia’s potential for development has been recognised, due to its under-urbanisation compared with its counterparts in the Asean region.

As a result of these factors, China has invested a large amount of capital in this sector every year, particularly in Sihanoukville, where Chinese investors are seeking market dominance.

Norn Thim, the Sales and Leasing Manager of Sihanoukville Property, explained the reasons for this dominance, stating: “Currently, Chinese investors are dominating the real estate market in Sihanoukville with the goal of turning the province into a ‘China Town’ in the future.”

Sihanoukville has previously been known as a hub for European investors – who accounted for 75 percent of the province’s total investment.

However, with the recent influx of Chinese investment, this is rapidly changing with the Chinese now holding 65 percent of the total. Casinos, condominiums and hotel complexes are the major focus of Chinese investors.

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