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Amicus Interiors has launched a Facilities Management (FM) business, Amicus Facilities Solutions, making it the first commercial fit-out company in Australia to offer FM and property maintenance services.

Now in its 10th year of operation, Amicus Interiors identified the need for this service among its existing client-base.
“We saw the need for professional delivery of FM and property maintenance services emerge in the post-GFC climate. The economic uncertainty after the GFC led to many businesses rapidly downsizing in-house FM and property maintenance teams, leaving a void in the market,” said Mr Andrew Holder, Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Interiors.

Combined with the need for on-going FM services, Amicus Interiors saw that the provision of these services is a natural extension of a project’s lifecycle.

“We have found that we now usually start work at a strategic level helping clients choose real estate and map out the culture and workspace needs of their business. From the design and ultimate fit-out of the workplace, we effectively then have all of the data on warranties and maintenance necessary to effectively maintain and manage the space for clients until the end of their lease term,” Mr Holder said.

“Our role has grown organically in response to the needs of our client base, which have become more and more sophisticated. We are seen as more than a fit-out company now and more as managers of workplace change.”

Starting in Sydney, Amicus Facilities Solutions has plans to significantly expand over the next five years to a team of up to 30 specialised staff delivering a national offering. It is targeting 50 contracts within the next 12 months and 150 contracts by 2016.

Amicus Facilities Management will deliver a “whole of life cycle” approach to clients with services including property maintenance and compliance services. Importantly for companies with global headquarters, compliance occurs on several levels including with Australian standards and with the global standards benchmarked by the head office.

“The service will almost be like a corporate “hire a hubby”, some companies tell us how difficult it is to find quality tradesmen to do small maintenance jobs. Through our network we can easily source these people and manage maintenance and repairs seamlessly for clients,” Mr Holder said.

It will target previous clients from Amicus Interiors’ 625 completed projects over the last 10 years across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Another core market for Amicus Interiors’ FM business is large global companies that have relatively small Australian offices with no real estate support.

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