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Middle East


In the last year or so, geopolitical events including Brexit, the U.S. and French presidential elections, and several terrorist attacks throughout Europe, have resulted in the volatility in every type of investment vehicle, including residential real estate.


Even though Dubai's commercial office real estate market has experienced muted growth over the past six months, the recently announced Emirates Towers Business Park is set to become Dubai's most defining commercial development in over 10 years


Dubai's vision to diversify its economy further and establish itself as a thriving global business hub has accelerated business activity in a number of innovative industries, in turn spurring a new stream of demand for industrial space.


Dubai Marina has long claimed some of the best waterfront views in the emirate, but a vast canal in the heart of the city is starting to turn the heads of new investors.


Housing prices in Israel have been rising for so long that many residents don’t remember what it’s like when they fall. They may be about to find out.


Prime residential rents in key locations around the world are struggling to achieve growth, up by just 0.5% in the 12 months to the end of March 2017, the latest published index shows.


Bernard-Henri Lévy, a French public intellectual has put on sale his US$7 million villa on the tip of the Moroccan city of Tangier


The worst-performing bonds in the Gulf last week were two sukuks issued by Qatar’s Ezdan Holding Group QSC.


A multi million pound development in Dubai will include two new manmade islands with luxury villas, a private marina, water park and leisure facilities including the Middle East’s first Cirque Du Soleil.


Hotel-style residential properties enjoy higher occupancy as transients descend on the World Expo host city.


Property prices and rents continue to fall moderately in Dubai with the latest analysis report projecting a further softening of the residential real estate markets in the months ahead.


You've seen one Apple store, you've seen them all—or have you?


According to STR, the hotel industry in Dubai, recorded strong occupancy levels during the first quarter of 2017 despite continued and significant supply growth.


‘Shocking’ rip-off of prize-winning design in the emirate is the subject of litigation in US courts.


An emirate used to flashy projects tries to appeal to exacting tenants.


According to international real estate consultancy Cluttons, weakening economic conditions, tapering off in demand for oil and gas, and an increase in real estate supply has led to increased pressure on the Bahrain real estate industry.


Demand in both the sales and rental property markets in Dubai continued to be weak in the first quarter of 2017, the latest research report shows.


"This house was conceived by two people with very different personalities," Nicolas Garzouzi remarks of the mountain retreat he shares with his wife, Michèle, and their two sons in the Lebanese ski resort of Faqra.


A slowing decline across all sectors of the Dubai real estate market suggests increasing stability and the expectation of the market 'bottoming out' before the end of 2017, but the planned introduction of VAT on January 1, 2018 is already causing nervousness amongst existing commercial tenants.


New rental contracts are being introduced in Dubai to make disputes less likely with officials also ready to crack down on unregistered real estate brokers in the sales and leasing markets.