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In rural England, gastropubs and artisanal shops with seasonal produce are attracting affluent home buyers to the countryside.


A slump in super-prime home values in London is rippling down the luxury-property market.


A glimpse at some of the unique solutions to the difficulties associated with buying a trophy home.


Asking prices in England and Wales fell by 0.4% last month, the first fall in June since 2009 and the first monthly decline of 2017, according to the latest index figures.


A British workhouse that inspired the bleak asylum where Charles Dickens’s starving character Oliver Twist had the audacity to “want some more” gruel will be turned into a high-end apartment building.


Would-be buyers are turning to luxury rentals while they wait out political and economic uncertainty


Residential property prices in Ireland increased by 11.9% in the year to May 2017, led by house price growth outside of the capital city Dublin, the latest official statistics show.


U.K. house-price growth cooled in June as the inconclusive election weighed on demand, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


The actor-director personally restored the 17-bedroom, 20-acre estate, which was once owned by an opera-commissioning count and served as a Communist medical testing facility.


Luxury homes in the U.K. capital are 5.6% to 28.3% cheaper for major foreign investors compared to last year, Knight Frank reports


A shortage of affordable housing in England and Wales is leaving a generation stuck in a rental log jam as they cannot afford to buy a home, new research suggests.


Prime residential rents in key locations around the world are struggling to achieve growth, up by just 0.5% in the 12 months to the end of March 2017, the latest published index shows.


House prices increased by 5% in Ireland in the second quarter of 2017 and by 8.9% year on year with growth expected to remain strong in 2017 despite the likely abolition of the country’s Help to Buy scheme.


To revive flagging apartment sales, London real-estate developers are using trendy street art, cafes serving avocado toast, and bike-repair stations to lure young professionals and fashionable millennials.


In demand home markets in Spain such as Barcelona and the Balearic Islands are seeing rents rise as the rental sector recovers well, the latest data suggests.


An heir to the Barilla pasta fortune talks about the extensive renovations that were done to the impeccable 1830 home, bringing in state-of-the-art technology and design.


The recovery in Portugal’s residential property market is expected to continue in 2017 with estate agents and brokers predicting a rise of 30% in sales during the year.


A quarter of British buyers have abandoned the idea of buying a property in the European Union but there is still many who want to do so, especially in France, according to new research.


The number of homes to rent in the UK’s private rented sector has fallen considerably over the last six years with a decline of 11.6% with Scotland seeing a fall of 34.7%, the latest research shows.


Salcombe in Devon is the UK’s priciest seaside town but prices have risen the most in the last year in Broadstairs in Kent, the latest real estate research shows.